About Us

At JORO, our mission is to elevate your work space with our lines of modular and ergonomic products that move at the touch of a button. Since 1996 we have been designing, manufacturing and supplying quality work space solutions. We design and manufacture to the highest level of quality and are continually fine tuning and advancing our product lines to suit your growing needs. Our products are not only designed in Canada, they are manufactured here too, under strict quality controls.

Our products are in use across the continent in a variety of work spaces: commercial offices, public schools, medical offices, home laundry, kitchens and offices. Our clients benefit not only from well designed and flexible products, but also from our strong customer service.

From the start, we wanted to develop products that balanced esthetics, functionality and durability and create solutions that we would be proud to have in our homes and offices. JORO succeeded in that many years ago and we have been moving ahead since.

JORO is a family operated business with a dedicated focus to build quality products that not only work well but stand the test of time, unlike many of our competitors on the market.

Height adjustable desks Moving cabinetry and storageMultimedia presentation standsCustom designed solutions